UV Hybrid Printer FR3210

UV Hybrid Printer S3210

This machine is our UV Hybrid Printer. Its printing width is 3.2m. With the extension tables at the back and front, it can print unlimited length for the Rigid materials. Using the UV ink it can print excellent images on various rigid medias, such as glass, acrylic, wood, PVC foam board, KT board, MDF, alunimum, cellphone case, ceramic tiles, and flexbile materials like banners, vinyl, mesh, and so on. . Also, it offers various ways of printing the white color. It can print the three-layer spot colors which means it can print color-white-color at one time!


High resolution and high-quality piezo electric printhead can achieve excellent production performance and vivid bright colors
4 color printing: Y M C K
5 color printing: Y M C K+W
6 color printing: Lc Lm Y M C K
7 color printing: Lc Lm Y M C K W or Lc Lm Y M C K W W
8 color printing: Lc Lm Y M CK W V
Excluding the use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the UV curable ink. The ink is environmental friendly and no smell
Combines sheet-to-sheet with roll-to-roll printing function
Max media width is 3.2m
Vacuum belt table for accurate feeding and convey of rigid and flex material
Retractable linear alignment bar for rigid media
Automatic rotary motor can achieve optimal tension distributing
Drawer-type UV lamp cassette makes it easy to replace the UV lamp
With advanced Automatic Height Detector which can detect the material thickness and find a good height position for best quality printing
Carriage is with a crash sensor with high sensitivity to ensure that the printhead will not be accidentally damaged
The white ink catridge is with the automatic stiring and circulation system, which avoids the clog of the White printhead.

  • Model : S3210

  • Catagory: UV Hybrid Printer

  • Printing Size :3.2m x unlimited

  • Print Technology :drop-on-demand piezo electric inkjet

  • Printhead :KM-512MH-14PL/KM-1024MHB-14PL/Ricoh Gen5 7PL

  • Printhead Control : Printhead temperature and voltage are adjustable in software/p>

  • Ink Type : UV curable Ink

  • Ink Reservoir : Refillable on the fly while printing/2000ml

  • Rip Software: Photo Print/ONYX/Caldera

  • Color Management : ICC based color, curves adjustment, density adjustment

  • File Format : Tiff, Jpeg, Postscript, eps, pdf

  • Media Thickness : 1-60mm

  • Printhead QTY :

    • KM-512MH-14PL -4-8pcs

    • KM-1024MHB-14PL - 4-16pcs

    • Ricoh Gen5 - 4pcs/8pcs

  • Resolution :

    • KM-512MH-14PL/KM-1024MHB-14PL - 720 x 720 dpi, 720 x 1080 dpi, 720 x 1440 dpi

    • Ricoh Gen5 - 600 x 600 dpi, 600 x 900 dpi

  • Printing Speed :

    • KM-1024MHB-14PL (two rows) - 4 pass 42 sqm per hour, 6 pass 28 sqm per hour, 8 pass 20 sqm per hour

    • Ricoh Gen5 (two rows) - 4 pass 36 sqm per hour, 6 pass 24 sqm per hour, 8 pass 18 sqm per hour

  • Print Colors: 4 colors (CMYK), 6 colors (Lc Lm CMYK), White/Varnish optional

  • Drying System : UV Lamp with three power levels  

  • Rigid materials: glass, acrylic, PVC foam board, KT board, Wood, WPC, Metal panels,ceramic tiles, MDF, etc. Flexible materials: Paper, advertising banners, wall paper, Mesh, self-adhesive vinyl

Outdoor Life of finished printing
  • 3 years (use Docan ink)

  • Dimensions : 5.65 x 2.89 x 1.81m 

  • Weight : 3950kg

  • Power Supply : 50/60Hz 220V(10%)>30A

  • Operation Environment : 20°C to 28°C

  • Humidity 40% to 60%

  • one year